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I’ve been moving towards a traditional blog for some months now – not that I’ll stop updating our Travel Log – but as we transition from fulltime travellers to house-based dwellers our roaming will be reduced. Ergo, I decided to install WordPress on our website and set up a traditional blog for each of us. Having read through Lisa-Sabin Wilson’s instructions in WordPress for Dummies I was a bit intimidated. Thankfully, Network Solutions (our wonderful web host, highly recommended) has a (essentially) 1-Click install for WordPress available from our Hosting Control panel.

The focus of my blog is going to be on consciousness, a place to explain things like family constellations, subtle energy, etc., etc. Maybe. Regardless, I’ll include all of the posts I had previously done to the old blog on our website.

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I’m thinking about using this blog as a way to do my daily requirement of 200-300 words (my writing goal.) I doubt they’re of interest to others, there’s more than enough hot air about. But at least by (sort of) going public I could hold my own feet to the fire. I decided to do this as part of my writing preparations to get ready for the Writer’s Weekly Winter Short Story contest on January 26. I previously participated in the November 2007 National Novel Writing Month challenge, finishing the requisite 50,000+ word novel (first draft) in 24 days. Furthermore, I’m in the middle (well, really, at the beginning) of a web design and development project that may have some blogging dumped into it: ergo, I need to get some experience of blogging. I must say, though, looking around the blogosphere it looks like a lot of people don’t have worthy things to do with their time, and manage somehow to find meaning in their lives by advertising themselves on the Internet. I suppose the next challenge for this aging retiree is to wiggle into some kind of social network. At the moment I don’t find that appealing. I’m not in the technology age, and prefer to get my social contact face to face. Nonetheless, I appear to be of the technology age since I’m right up there in technology savvy – at least that’s what I learned by doing some research at the Pew Internet Project. Taking a simple quiz, I found myself categorized into the highly techie “Omnivore” group that puts information technology at the center of how they express themselves, do their jobs, and connect to their friends. Clearly, I don’t exactly fit the profile of being young, male, or a student.

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