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Forgot to do a new post last week.

I spent it in a week-long workshop put on by the Grantsmanship Center, Inc. Very useful content and process for public and non-profit entities. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting others from around Alaska.  Among our 26 participants, were 10 native Alaskans so it was a great cultural exchange. Three flew in from the isolated (half-way down the Aleutian chain) community of  Sand Point to work on a proposal to secure funding for a cold-weather greenhouse (to be heated by wind-power) that would raise some local produce for Sand Point’s 950 residents. Right now, all food comes in by barge (takes 6 weeks to get there) and half of it is borderline or rotten on arrival.  Cabbage, e.g., costs $8-$10 per head.

Other participants came in from Ketchikan, Sitka, Hydaburg, Larsen Bay, Anchorage,  and Dillingham to join the rest of us from Juneau. I enjoyed looking up their locations in our Alaska map bible from DeLorme.  If you follow those place-name links you’ll get a flavor of the diverse makeup of communities across our vast, wonderful state.

Then on Wednesday, at 6am we took our dear ones next door to the airport for a 10-day rest and relaxation time on the Oregon coast, collected their 2 dogs to stay with us, and then down to the  dock to spend half-a-dozen hours with Bill’s brother and sister-in-law while their cruise ship was in Juneau. Enjoyed taking them on a tour of our town, opened their eyes a bit I think.  [I think they were expecting red-necky uncouthedness instead of our beautiful little cultural capital.]

Friday evening to the Canvas for a Marimba concert by Zimbabwean musician Paul Mataruse and his band Ruzivo from Whidbey Island, WA.

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