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What time is it?  Right now it’s beginning to feel like “0 dark 30” to quote our friend Dana. Losing 5 minutes of daylight each day we still have 7 weeks to go to winter solstice with its 6 1/2 hours of daylight. For today sunrise is at 8:07am and sunset at 5:15pm, so we’re basking in 9+ hours of day. Not bad, especially since the first part of October had a lot of dry and sun. But now it’s gone back to being true to it’s usually rainy form and the darkening of each day is palpable. The upside is that overnight the snow line crept down Mount Juneau and  a white paintbrush passed over the evergreens up the hill from our house. A good reminder of how beautiful this place can be during the winter.  And, we took our evening tub on the new deck last night around 9pm.  What a privilege to sit under a roof of spruce branches with drops of drizzle on our faces, soaking up the healing warmth of the tub’s 104 degree water.

Interesting news item on the ‘Net – herself is now 40 years old. That means we’re living with two generations that don’t know what it was like without her.  Me, myself, I didn’t even see TV until I’d passed 21. Who knows what the next few decades will bring in the way of technological advancement.  Wouldn’t it be nice if our collective social and political skills advanced at the same rate?

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I’m back from Courtenay, BC, after a good visit with Marian. Happy to be able to support her as she faces multiple challenges.

And now, as frequently, the climate is stage center again.

  • I talked to my brother, Sandy, in Lara, south of Melbourne, Australia yesterday.  Victoria (the provincial state) is burning up. Extended drought, high winds, and unbearable heat (117°F) have turned some communities into gigantic bonfires. Meanwhile, the north of the country is in monsoon time – one area in Queensland reported almost a metre of rain in a 24-hour period.
  • An avalanche just south of Juneau yesterday closed the (only) road to the adjacent settlement of Thane, marooning some 30 households.  18′ of snow blocked 300′ of roadway. (more…)

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A quick rundown before I leave for 10 days to visit my high school friend Marian in Courtenay, BC, on Vancouver Island. Only 750 miles as the crow flies. Tribute to the isolation of communities in Alaska and BC, I first go  950 miles south to Seattle, then 100+ miles north to Vancouver, then 80 miles northwest across the Georgia Strait to Comox and thence 12 more to Courtenay.  All of which wil eat up 15 hours of tomorrow’s 24. (more…)

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A New Day

After a week of balmy weather, winter is back. Cold and sunny. And, in the single month since solstice we’ve gained 67 minutes of daylight. Remarkable to notice how obvious is the lengthening of each day.

We joined hundreds (thousands?) of others at Centennial Hall on Tuesday, carrying our contribution to a potluck breakfast sponsored by the Juneau World Affairs Council. Watched the event on a big screen among an eager crowd of all ages sitting on chairs, on the floor, standing, waving. Made a person feel proud, so much positive energy.  After 50+ hours, a new day is dawning with the watch of a new president. The helm of the ship of state begins to turn, moving the behemoth away from (what seems to me) a path of self-destruction.

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