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In the days since the Governor made her surprise resignation, the reasons for her action are beginning to make sense.  It’s personal.  She’s pissed.  Plain fed up with those who disagree with her or cross her path. By quitting, she seems to be  saying “f… you” to all who failed to join the adoring crowds she found during last fall’s election campaign.

Watch this interview she gave yesterday to ABC News while fishing on Bristol Bay.  Is this a petulant teen-ager or what?  Hard to think this might have been a heart-beat away from the presidency.

Come to think of it, the Governor’s choice of announcement date was fitting.  Like the rockets in that evening’s 4th of July fireworks displays, she shot into the public eye after her selection as John McCain’s running mate. In the rarified atmosphere of the campaign trail she whistled and exploded full of color and noise, loving the crowds and attention.  After it was all over she flamed out, and fizzled her way back to earth and the tedious work of governing – whereupon her ambition turned to ashes.

We should be happy for her as she moves forward to find herself.  And we should be happy for us.  Governing was not her forte.  She’s not suited to it either temperamentally or intellectually. She lacks a basic grasp of the fundamental rules undergirding our democratic process.  So, I thank her for making and carrying out her decision to quit, and wish her and her family all the best.

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Our Gov’s stunning announcement yesterday has the blogosphere buzzing. No one saw it coming. Our first dude’s wife is a 9-day wonder in her unparalleled capacity to grab attention – but I’m guessing that this time she didn’t want it.

If she wanted plenty of media coverage she’d:

  • Not choose a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend to make her announcement;
  • Not hold a hastily announced press-conference at her home in our isolated state 2 hours before it happened so that hardly anyone could get to it;
  • Have warned her spokesperson and brought her home to answer questions;
  • Have had some prepared remarks that explained her reason for stepping down.

I can easily think of some no-brainer reasons that would have made sense and could have given her a graceful out:

  • My family needs me;
  • I’m starting my campaign for President in 2012;

Instead, her announcement was typically off-the-cuff, muddled, waffling, verbose, and ultimately meaningless.  This suggests she either didn’t get advice about how to do this, or if she did she ignored it.  No-one saw this coming; the behavior of Palin’s out-of-town spokesperson indicated that even she was blind-sided. One can’t avoid coming to the conclusion that something happened last week that triggered a snap decision by the Governor who – typically – didn’t stop to blink but plowed right ahead on her own.

The only thing we know now is that there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’m transfixed, waiting for the cat to exit the bag.

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Governor Stupida

Thanks to the Internet I read the Juneau Empire each morning while I’m here in “down under.”  I must say, it’s well nigh embarassing to live in a state whose governor is such an idiot.  This whole thing about filling Juneau’s State Senate seat would he hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.  (The seat was vacated by Kim Elton in February when he was appointed by the POTUS to a position in the Department of the Interior.) You can read the whole story at the end of this post, or a go for a more amusing and pretty accurate tongue-in-cheek version.

It’s clear Sarah Palin doesn’t have a clue about how to govern and doesn’t care a whit for due process.  She seems all caught up in her own over-weening ego.  Attractive, engaging she may be but she’s also totally self-focused, ignorant, and a bully. It’s a sad story and illustrates how the Governor’s ego gets in the way of her own best interests.   This appointment gave her a great opportunity to demonstrate some political skills but instead she chose to squander valuable home-state personal capital with what can only be described as petty, bossy, and juvenile behavior.  Conclusion:  she has no political skills – but we knew that anyway.  [Further demonstration of this, if needed, can be found in the useless battle of wills she chose to engage in with Senate Republicans over the stimulus money.]

So here’s some fun reading for the record – if you’re interested. Most recent stories are listed first.

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The fundamental assumptions on which the US bases it’s dismal science are:

  • Never-ending growth is both necessary and good;
  • People behave rationally in their own self-interest;
  • Money/wealth is more important than life; and
  • Markets self-regulate and are best left alone.

Gimme a break – even a 6-yr old could throw holes through these. Yet supposedly intelligent adults build their whole careers on them.

Consider this description of irrational human behavior found in a recent post by Robert Farley about defense spending.  To paraphrase a bit, he says:

The U.S.  accounts for somewhere around 50 percent of aggregate world defense spending.

Debate over the defense budget doesn’t ask “How much do we need to spend?”, or  “Should we spend more or less?”, but  “How much more should we spend?”

Congress, the defense industry, and the military services are tightly locked together so as to preclude serious scrutiny of defense programs and budget.

Consequently, we are stuck with a ridiculously oversized defense budget, with widely acknowledged misplaced priorities.

And what about our Gov? She just announced she’s refusing a third of the federal stimulus payment to Alaska. This money includes funds for:

  • education
  • weatherization
  • energy efficiency
  • air quality improvement
  • emergency food aid
  • homeless services
  • unemployment services

Great.  Just when people dragged down in the current economic turmoil most need our collective help, let’s not throw them a life-line.

Do I sound jaded and/or cynical?  Must be the traffic….   But, this is not my preferred mind-state, so it must be time to go for a walk (dodging the cars) and air out the brain.  [I’m temporarily in Northern Virginia for my daughter’s wedding.]

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Juneau is Alaska’s state capital.  Except in the mind of our current Governor that is.  Every prior Alaska Governor has lived in the Governor’s mansion in Juneau, has required Cabinet members to do their jobs in the state’s capital, and held all legislative sessions in the state capital.

Governor Palin, however, has chosen to live  in her house in the Anchorage suburb of Wasilla (for which she receives per diems from the state), has only 2 of her 20 Commisioners doing their business in Juneau, has moved over 200 state jobs away from the capital city, and (more…)

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