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Bound and determined to go (with some kicking and screaming) into the 21st century.  Studying social media marketing an hour a day. Quite mind blowing what’s happening and the rate of change thereof.

Following a few Twitterers and finding some really good information from sifting through the junk).  So – to be blatant about it – I too am looking for followers.  Asking self “Why am I doing this?”  Answers:

  • To learn how the social media works
  • To keep up with changing technology
  • It’s fun to be more in touch with old friends
  • One day I’ll finish one of the books I’m working on and will want to market it
  • I’m planning to do some social media stuff for two non-profits I’m involved with as (a) guinea pigs for my learning and as (b) marketing for them

WordPress now has a new poll function that I want to test, so here it is.


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