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We drove round the Atlanta ring road (I-285) over the weekend. Goodness knows what it would have been like on a weekday, much less at rush hour. To accomodate more vehicles, the road is now 9-10 lanes in each direction. What a nightmare. We made the mistake of driving the expressway that goes through the middle of Atlanta a few months ago on our way to the southwest. Same thing, 9-10 lanes in each direction. Wouldn’t you know it: when you build more traffic lanes, more traffic comes. It’s that simple. Let’s hope Atlanta keeps on widening its roads, perhaps up to 32 lanes in each direction. Then they can knock down all the buildings, and pretty soon it won’t be a city, just a muddle of huge concrete expressways with all the cars in Georgia driving round and round, not to mention each other nuts. And, oh yes, in the meantime we’re running out of oil to make fuel for all this activity.

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