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Governor Stupida

Thanks to the Internet I read the Juneau Empire each morning while I’m here in “down under.”  I must say, it’s well nigh embarassing to live in a state whose governor is such an idiot.  This whole thing about filling Juneau’s State Senate seat would he hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.  (The seat was vacated by Kim Elton in February when he was appointed by the POTUS to a position in the Department of the Interior.) You can read the whole story at the end of this post, or a go for a more amusing and pretty accurate tongue-in-cheek version.

It’s clear Sarah Palin doesn’t have a clue about how to govern and doesn’t care a whit for due process.  She seems all caught up in her own over-weening ego.  Attractive, engaging she may be but she’s also totally self-focused, ignorant, and a bully. It’s a sad story and illustrates how the Governor’s ego gets in the way of her own best interests.   This appointment gave her a great opportunity to demonstrate some political skills but instead she chose to squander valuable home-state personal capital with what can only be described as petty, bossy, and juvenile behavior.  Conclusion:  she has no political skills – but we knew that anyway.  [Further demonstration of this, if needed, can be found in the useless battle of wills she chose to engage in with Senate Republicans over the stimulus money.]

So here’s some fun reading for the record – if you’re interested. Most recent stories are listed first.

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