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I’m back from Courtenay, BC, after a good visit with Marian. Happy to be able to support her as she faces multiple challenges.

And now, as frequently, the climate is stage center again.

  • I talked to my brother, Sandy, in Lara, south of Melbourne, Australia yesterday.  Victoria (the provincial state) is burning up. Extended drought, high winds, and unbearable heat (117°F) have turned some communities into gigantic bonfires. Meanwhile, the north of the country is in monsoon time – one area in Queensland reported almost a metre of rain in a 24-hour period.
  • An avalanche just south of Juneau yesterday closed the (only) road to the adjacent settlement of Thane, marooning some 30 households.  18′ of snow blocked 300′ of roadway. (more…)

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This morning it’s 52°F and sunny.  And in Maine it’s 25 below.  Bizarre.

Courtesy of the Internet I witness the rapid changes in our world – which show up at an exponentially increasing rate. I contemplate the uncertain future we are bursting into.  How will life be for us, and our community, as we finish out our lifespan? And what about our kids and grandkids?

Which leads me to the concept of community resilience (more…)

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After the snow cometh the rain.  Everything has turned to slush as the temperature has risen.  Near 40°F today. High avalanche warnings everywhere. And the power (electricity) went out soon after noon. Ominously, it went out all over the City from end to end.  Turns out an avalanche took out one of the transmission towers near the Snettisham hydroelectric plant 45 miles south. One of the same three towers that were taken out last March.  So, AEL&P has switched over to emergency diesel generation……   Time to turn down the lights – and be grateful for our low wattage bulbs. (more…)

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